Analysis Essay of DOVE – LEGACY video ad

Analysis Essay of DOVE – LEGACY video ad

Project description

Marking Criteria
Argument and Structure (10 points) Is my choice of marketing communication artefact clearly identified? Have I discussed the intended target audience? Is my argument

in the essay clear? Is my language use clear (grammatically and stylistically)? Am I using the right words? Is there a clear, logical structure to my essay (or am I

just meandering aimlessly from one point to another)? Has my essay got a con- clusion? Is my essay focused on analysing my chosen piece of marketing communication or

have I spent too much time talking about tangential, even superfluous, points or giving useless background informa- tion?
Academic Framework (10 points) Have I included all my in-text citations in the references list at the end? Have I used Harvard style citations and references

consistently throughout the essay (http:// Have I put quotation marks around any direct quotes I have included from other sources

and provided the appropriate citation and page number? Have I used appropriate academic literature (i.e. the module textbook, books and articles from the module

reading list, books and articles I have researched from the library) to help explain the use of the persuasive techniques I am examining? Have I used an appropriate

academic style in my writing (i.e. a formal tone with no journalistic hyperbole)?
Explication of Persuasive Techniques (20 points) Have I clearly identified the persuasive techniques I want to talk about? Have I given them the correct names (i.e.

the names by which they are referred to in the module)? Am I sure that I have made the correct identification (i.e. am I sure that it is a polysyndeton rather than an

asyndeton, or that it is an example of social proof rather than reciprocation)? Have
I explained in detail exactly how the techniques I have identified are presented in the ad? Have I made a good effort to explain how exactly my identified persuasive

techniques will resonate with a particular target audience?
Some Guidelines
The Analysis Essay, unlike the Solo Presentation, must be on a piece of marketing communication for an English-language market.
The word limit of 1500 words does not include the references or any appendix in which you might put
a presentation of the copy in the ad. I will stop marking your essay at the 1500 word point and then move on to your references. There are no exceptions to this, no

10% over rule, and no excuses for not sticking to this very clear and simple requirement.

I think the essay should take you 1500 words to write. If you write significantly less, then I will immedi- ately think that you have missed important points and then

I will go and look for them.
Do not waffle. You have a particular job to do in the analysis essay (i.e. analyse the persuasive tech- niques to be found in a particular piece of marketing

communication) make sure that you spend your valuable word limit on that job.
Do some independent research; read up from the suggested reading list and do some additional reading that you can call on to back up your points. If your piece is just

a luke warm re-hash of the things that I have said in seminars and provided in the example essay, then you are not going to get a brilliant mark.
A good essay will demonstrate that you have mastered the material we have covered on the module. An excellent essay will demonstrate this plus that you have the

ability to go and do some extra research or think creatively about the material.
Read the example essay carefully for pointers about structure, style and general approach. Do not slavishly attempt to copy it, however.
Remember you analysis essay cannot be on the same piece of marketing communication that you have presented on.
Make sure to embed into your essay the picture, or a link to the video/web page, that you will be talk- ing about (as I have done in the example essay).


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