Analysis Essay 2

Analysis Essay 2

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In this essay, you will provide an overview of the server-side and client-side hardware and software requirements of your information system. You will then focus the bulk of your essay on analyzing the competitive advantage that your information system provides to users of the system (or to the company who created and maintains the system) and on proposing your own recommendations for improving and enhancing the information system with additional features and functionality.

Before you begin writing, download the attached file, AnalysisEssay2Template.docx, and very carefully read and follow all instructions contained in the file. Also, make sure you compose your essay in the provided template file, as it is already formatted with the correct margins, fonts, headings and sub-headings, etc.

Your essay will automatically be checked for plagiarism by TurnItIn. You do not have to upload your paper to TurnItIn – it will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn for you when you submit your essay through the Assignments section of the classroom. Make sure you write in your own words – there must be no more than 5% similarity to sources to receive credit for this assignment.

The information system used for this essay is ALMS. Army Learning Management System.

The three recommendations I came up with for the system are listed in the following paragraph and need to be incorporated into the paper.

The first recommendation I would come up with would be some sort of backup plan for my system in case it goes down. Currently when the system crashes, we have to wait on it to be fixed. A solution would be to have a second system that saves the information and also saves the progress already completed within the first system. I think when it crashes there should be a redirect site that takes you straight to the secondary site and only be able to use it when the ALMS system is down and not as a primary system. The second recommendation would be to incorporate something to tell which classes would qualify you for promotion points. As of now, there is a list of hundreds of classes to take, but to know which gives you promotion points you have to go through the list and check. If there were a check mark indicating that the class will help with points which would be awesome. The last recommendation would be to incorporate a chat feature when soldiers need help. I think that calling and waiting countless minutes for a representative is insane. Also, I do not like to talk on the phone so chatting would be an ideal situation for me.

Also I will upload the template that has to be used when writing the paper.

If any more information is needed please contact me as soon as possible.

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