an electronic database


1. Use an electronic database to locate a peer-reviewed academic journal article that discusses original quantitative research. Specify the database you used.
2. Specify the key search terms you used to locate your article.
3. State the hypothesis (or hypotheses) associated with the study. This should be at the end of the introduction to the study. Note that some studies are weak in this
area and the hypothesis is vague or perhaps not even stated. For this exercise, please avoid this kind of paper like the influenza virus.
4. Describe the population or sample being studied?
5. What were the inclusion and exclusion criteria for subjects in the study?
7. What were the limitations of the study?
8. Discuss the statistics reported in detail.
9. Along with your response, please attach a copy of the article (scan the article, or find one already available as a pdf, or provide a direct link to the pdf of the
10. Read an article posted by at least one other class member and comment as to author’s description of the statistics and overall study findings. Does the study data
support the paper’s conclusions?


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