An assisted living facility or nursing home in a community

Contact (CALL or VISIT – do not plan on answering this using just an internet search) an assisted living facility or nursing home in a community of your choice. This can be at home, in the local area, or in a place you (or your family) hope to retire someday.
When talking with the agency representative, ask them to explain who is eligible to be at their facility.
What are the costs that insurance covers versus what families have to pay out of pocket? Are there extra costs for single rooms, larger rooms, rooms with a view, etc.?
What levels of care do they offer as the person’s health declines. In other words, can they manage many different types of supports or would the person have to leave if they get too ill?
What are the policies for family communication and activities?
How does the facility set itself apart from others in the community (what makes them special)?
Type up your findings to this interaction. Share what you learned and what surprised you. Include how you would feel about the facility for someone you love.

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