An analysis of the effect the internet has had on traditional businesses

Order Description(1) Briefly describe the business sector that your choice of company/ies is in. You should provide an explanation and justification of your choice/s.

(2) Provide an explanation of the business strategy and financial position of the company/ies. Also highlight any major trends that may be affecting the sector as a whole, in particular with regards to how the internet has impacted it.

(3) Prepare and present a detailed financial analysis of your company/ies showing the financial effects of how the company/ies have addressed the impact of the internet on their business model. This could be a done as a before and after comparison but it could also be guided by your research.

(4) Explain how your target company/ies could deal with the ongoing threats of the internet. This analysis might consider the company/ies business model and comment on any strategies that might be put in place to improve this business model which could include an acquisition of one of their competitors.

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