All informations are provided in uploaded files.


The original topic I came up was “New media influences politics as a double-edged sword”. However the feedback I received from the tutor is saying that NEW MEDIA can be too broad to focus on, she suggested to focus on SOCIAL MEDIA instead of NEW MEDIA. All the requirement is listed in the uploaded profile. This essay is worth 80 percent of the final marks, so good work will be really expected. I have uploaded two feedback from the tutor about the proposal I wrote, so it is important to follow up her suggestions and instructions.

Details of task: This 3500 word essay presents your project findings. It should include:
A refinement of the elements in your first assessment:
• A reprisal of your research question: How is it critical? Why does it matter? Who does your research address?
• What methods did you use and why? What theoretical frameworks have you developed?
Findings and argument
• A critical analysis of your research findings, presented as a critical argument. How does this argument answer your question? How do the findings confirm, modify or critique the theories, thinkers or debates you have engaged with?
• A reflection on the limitations of your research methodology, and a suggestion of how future research projects with greater resources can expand on your research.

Release dates: N/A

Word limit: 3500

Value: 80%

Presentation requirements:
• Microsoft Word document with your name in the file title
• 12 point font
• Harvard referencing style
• Left hand margins
• 1.5 or double spaced
• Number pages
• Reference list

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