Alcohols, ethers, and thiols

Create only one meme from what I am learning right now in Organic Chem.

Chapter 8- Alcohols, ethers, and thiols

1) Name simple alcohols, ethers and thiols using IUPAC rules and understand the characteristic physical properties of each.

2) Understand the reactivities of alcohols, ethers and thiols.

3) Understand the basic properties of an epoxide (a special cyclic ether).

Chapter 9- Benzene and its derivatives

1) Understand the concept of aromaticity and be able to predict if a compound is aromatic.

2) Be able to name simple aromatics using IUPAC rules and predict their physical properties.

3) Understand the characteristic reactions of aromatics, particularly electrophilic aromatic substitution.

4) Understand the basic mechanism of electrophilic aromatic substitution and how substituents effect the reaction outcome

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