Alcohol and tobacco app

  1. What is the idea? What makes it innovative, novel, or unique?
    The idea for __: the delivery app for adults is to deliver adult products such as alcohol and tobacco to customers of age. The app will include a secure 2-step age verification and authorization system to ensure that anyone under the age of 21 cannot use the app. This system will only allow one ID to be attached to a person’s account to help ensure there is no one underage use of this app. The driver’s will also have to meet requirements such as being over the age of 21, no DUIs or any issues with the law involving drugs or alcohol, and good driving record.
  2. What does this app include?
    As you browse through that app you will be provided different selections of alcohol (any thing from already made beverages to wine coolers), tobacco products (cigarettes, cigarellos, e-cigs, etc.).
    When purchasing alcohol or tobacco product you will be provided a bottle of water or jug depending on the quantity of product you purchase.
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