Agency Visit and Interview

Agency Visit and Interview

1/ WATCH – The House I Live In at
Answer the following questions in 2 pages:
Part 1:
a/ What are your impressions of war on drugs? Success or failure?
b/ What new insights did you learn about the war on drugs?
c/ What should be done to address the drug addiction problem in the United States? Legalize it, more laws, more enforcement?
Part 2 :
a/ What problems are occurring locally in your city, county or state that could be an example of the drug war’s impact on your community?
b/ We’ve spent more than a trillion dollars on the drug war, and all we have to show for it are hundreds of thousands of people in prison for nonviolent crimes. How can we ensure that the millions we spend on the drug war are put to better use in our communities?
c/ How would our communities change if the money spent fighting the drug war was reinvested into our communities?
d/ Provide an example based on issues discussed the film, how can social workers be used to stop the increase in the number of Americans filling up jails and prisons due to drug related crimes?

2/ Report of Agency Visit and Interview
Visit a non-profit human services agency and present findings in a report. At the agency you will interview a pertinent employee (a social worker is preferred).
If you are having difficulty locating an agency please review the; online directory contains detailed information on non-profits agencies.
The report should have the source listed (interviewee name, title, agency, address, phone, email).
The report must include application of concepts and theories related to lectures or social work research. The citations must be from the academic and scholarly sources or textbook in APA format. (Wikipedia, yahoo, Google,, and so forth are not acceptable internet sources).

Answer the following questions in 5 pages:
Questions for the interview:
*Please note: Do you research before going to the agency; review the website and other materials.  Have an understanding of the agency and key players; the mission and purpose of the non-profit.
*Some interviewees will not want to answer all the questions….its ok
a. What is the agency’s mission statement?
b. How do they refer to participants in there program? (patient, clients, consumers, participants?)
c. What are its clients’ major problems?
d. What services does the agency provide?
e. How are client needs determined?
f. What percentage of clients are racial or ethnic minorities, women, gays, or lesbians, elderly, or members of other at-risk populations?
g. What was the total cost of services for the past year? How much money is spent on each program?
h.    What is the agency’s funding sources?
i.     How much and what percentage of funds are received from each source?
j.     What types of clients does the agency refuse?
k.    What other agencies provide the same services in the community?
l.     What is the organizational structure of the agency?  For example, is there a
formal chain of command?
m.   Is there an informal organization (that is, people who exert a greater amount of influence on decision making than would be expected for their formal position in the bureaucracy)?
n.    How much decision-making input do the direct service providers have on
major policy decisions?
o.    Does the agency have a board that oversees its operations?  If yes, what are the backgrounds of the board members?
p.    Do employees at every level feel valued?
q.    What is the morale among employees?
r.     What are the major unmet needs of the agency?
s.     Does the agency have a handbook of personnel policies and procedures?
t.     What is the public image of the agency in the community?
u.    In recent years what has been the rate of turnover among staff at the agency?  What were the major reasons for leaving?
v.    Does the agency have a process for evaluating the outcomes of its services?  If yes, what is the process, and what are the outcome results?
w.   What is your overall impression of the agency?  For example, if the you needed services that this agency provides, would you want to apply at this agency?  Why, or why not?


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