Agency Evaluation

Agency Evaluation

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Strict instructions are on document attached

?    Purpose: To exam a Human Service Organization and evaluate services provided to the community.
Product: Using a outline of instructions, produce a 7-10 page paper evaluation about organization processes and areas for growth.
Methodology: The focus is human relations model aimed at the best
interest of the agency and its members. This preliminary work and
questionnaire are used to determine the agency’s principles of
productivity, motivation, social forces within the organization,
responsiveness to social needs, and to understand developmental skills
promoted with the community. Nine questions are used to complete this agency overview.
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?    Outline
Agency Evaluation: Select  and evaluate a social services agency in the community. Considered as a licensed social worker who have been contracted by the Department of Health and Human Services to complete an agency evaluation of a social service agency. The information provided from analysis may impact future funding and policy. Therefore, you will want to provide a thorough and objective evaluation of the agency (American Red Cross) in question. Do not include the cover page or the reference page.

Outline for preliminary work – Agency selections& analysis summary

I.    Introduction
a.  Provide a brief agency history and discuss the type of agency
b.  Briefly discuss the mission statement, target population, & programs
II.    Organization Progress
a.  Describe the administrative/governing body
b.  Administrative style within the agency
c  Describe organizational structures that coordinate work within the agency (departments, programs, staff, ect)
d.  Describe service community and populations
e.  Detail key stakeholders aand program, staff, ect.)
f.  Service Delivery
g.  What is the agency reputation in the community? How is this evaluated within the agency?
III.    Evaluation Narrative
a.  Summary of your findings
b.  Discuss agency strengths
c.  Discuss any artreas for growth

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