Aeromedical Retrieval Services


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Prepare a report on an aeromedical Retrieval service or a military Retrieval unit other than the Royal flying doctor, Lifeflight (Queensland), HEMS Sydney, HEMS London, NETS in NSW, Ornge, Norsk Luftambulanse or DRF-Luftrettung. Please do not use any of the above mentioned as these are covered in coursework.
Part A (2000 words)
The name of the civilian service
Number and location of bases
A map showing the geographical area of responsibility
Brief history
The purpose of the civilian service or military unit compared to the Royal flying doctor service (I.e, the RFDS offers primary care, extension of hospital level care to rural and remote areas, Aeromedical Retrieval and patient transport. What services are offered by your chosen aeromedical service or military unit.
Aircraft type/types (include photographs of each type of aircraft also include a description of each type of aircraft)
Size of aircraft
Crew mix
Available statistics pertaining to the type and frequency of clinical case loads
How is the service funded (eg charity, private, government, mix of charity, private and or government)?
Any other info of interest


Part B (1000 words)
Your recommendation for improvements to the civilian or military unit. Your recommendation for improvements may include any or all of the following.
Aircraft (type, size, range, capacity) justify your recommendations
Number of aircraft (justify your recommendations
Number and location of bases ( justify recommendations
Crew mix
Crew training and qualifications (specify in what area the crew need additional training and or qualifications
Equipment (specify what additional equipment is needed or what current equipment is redundant.
Any other recommendations that you have
Justify all recommendations
For each suggested improvement use your own knowledge of aeromedical Retrieval to justify the need for the improvement and specify the improvement with as much detail as possible.

Prepare a 2500-3000 report using word, this includes the in text and end text references. Please ensure every new idea has an in text reference after it. Include photographs, maps, diagrams and illustrations as appropriate ( ensure these are referenced properly.



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