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Write a comprehensive report explaining how you would develop a systemic advocacy campaign for a chosen client group (this must be in your own words, 1,500- 1,700 words).
•Please note you are NOT actually running the campaign, you are hypothetically addressing how you would run a systemic advocacy campaign for your chosen topic.
•Please ensure you include a bibliography containing ALL references you use.

For formatting, write in paragraph form addressing the headings in bold below (please read this page carefully as to ensure you include all necessary information):
•Introduction – Briefly identify and explain your topic/campaign
•Identify Stakeholders – (Identify all stakeholders you would involve in your campaign and explain why it would be vital to involve these people. Remember to include in this section what networks you may develop and what agencies/organisations you will include). ·
•Consult Stakeholders – (Explain in what ways you will involve stakeholders and how you will encourage their participation. Consider what modes/methods you will use to communicate with stakeholders, as well as what skills you will need to utilise).
•Research – (Attach to your assessment as an appendix ONE piece of research you would use to support your advocacy campaign. Under this section heading briefly summarise the main point of the research, by explaining how it would support your advocacy position. · Strategies/Action Planning- ( Write about what kinds of methods you will use to assist your advocacy campaign and to raise awareness of the topic issue- set this out as an action plan, in table format if you wish).
•Conclusion – (Sum up your project/campaign as well as what you would hope to have achieved by your campaign).

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