Advising the University on 2.3 hectre of land investment

Advising the University on 2.3 hectre of land investment

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This is the coursework assignment in the course and its ambition is to explore how land
values are derived. The project will be exploring the relationship between economic theory and
practice in this field.

A client of your consultancy firm is the University of Greenwich which has recently spent
heavily on developing a new building at Stockwell Street in the centre of Greenwich. In order
to offset some of the costs, the University is intending to sell a piece of land outlined on the
attached plans. The land is on the Southwood site at the University’s Avery Hill Campus. The
University has made enquiries with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the latter has
agreed in principle that the site could be developed for housing. The University is now
seeking your advice on what the land would be worth if sold to a housing developer and you
have agreed to provide that advice in the form of a short report.

This is an individual assignment requiring the production of a report of no longer than 1,000
words. There will be appendices which are excluded from the word count. Guidance on how
to progress the project will be provided each week in workshop style classes. Please do not
contact the local authority or the estates department of the University as the information
needed will be provided or signposted by the course tutor. You are encouraged to check the
course Moodle site each week as supporting documents and advice will appear as the project

Note: Key point to help out on the report and I Will like to give forward the layout to the writer as follow below:

Introduction: Explain what the report all about and the motive/importance of the report?

Site description: Describe the site location showing the map or print picture of the land you going to include on the appendix, the 64 buildings of 3 to 5 bedroom

house to be erected on the land and the social amenities close such as schools, public transport, hospital, shopping centres etc (you can access this info through

Royal Borough of Greenwich or zip code: SE9)

Development Appraisal: kindly screenshot the uploaded excel sheet in the appendix and mention it in this section, explain those figure with fact (prices of the house

in area were picked from Zoopla website), explain the term and the calculation?

Discussion: Explain the motive of your report and anylsis.

Conclusion and Recommendation: who them the value of the land?

Appendix: all table and graph



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