Advice for Those Searching the Literature in My Field

Advice for Those Searching the Literature in My Field

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What Advice Would I Give to Someone Searching the Literature in My Field?

Based on the reading this week (citing and referencing sources where relevant) and your prior experience, summarize your knowledge of smart searching and organizing

the literature in your field in a 150-200 word Level 3-4 Individual Lead Post

( That’s mean you have to write the strategy that you used for doing literature on sociology field and What are strategies you use for organization)

Note : My major is Medical Sociology.
I will attach 2 files. One of them is the level how to write this paper. Another on is article in health filed.

Example :

Performing a literature search is a challenging PROCESS, which can be divided into two main steps: Collecting the data and organizing it. In most cases, following a

systematic approach for these steps guarantees an effective and comprehensive literature review. According O’Conner as cited by Timmins and McCabe (2005), there are

two strategies to follow in order to perform a smart search for collecting the data. The first is the standard approach where the author performs a backward search to

form a list of pertinent materials. The second approach, however, is the network method. This is where the author traces relevant sources in the reference list of a

recent paper of same interest until “all relevant citations are identified” (Timmins and McCabe, 2005). In my field of study (Civil Engineering), I find combining both

approaches in my search along with seeking a librarian assistance provide best results and allow me to have comprehensive materials for the literature, while saving

time (Vetter, 2015). As for the organization step, I have been using the ENDNOTE software to organize my references. In addition to that, having a literature review

table has been very helpful. I divide the collected materials based on their main study type: Theoretical, Experimental, Combined, and Overview.


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