Advanced Strategic Management

Advanced Strategic Management

General notes:
•    Read carefully the case and answer the whole questions below based on the case.
•    You have to answer each question separately from other.
•    I attached some chapters that will help you.
•    You don’t need to copy anything from the internet.
Questions    Pages
Question 1 to Question 5    1 Page
Question 6 to Question 8    1 Page
Question 9 to Question 11    1 Page
Question 12    1 Page
Question 13    1 Page
Total Page    5 pages

1-    From the current mission statement of McDonald’s (You may find it in the internet). You have to rewrite the Mission statement of McDonald’s to include at least 7 factors matrix. The matrix are (Customers, Products or Services, Markets, Technology, Philosophy, Self-Concept, etc)
2-    How the contingency planning may help McDonald’s to achieve their mission and vision?
3-    From the financial Data given in the case, you have to evaluate the McDonald’s financial performance and focus on the positive and negative area. Discuss it.
4-    How the company does has effect on globalization and what type of strategies used to do the globalization?
5-    Identify a marketing strategy the firm uses in terms of good and bad points. Discuss them
6-    You have to do the environmental analyze for McDonald’s based of the following factors (Economic, Competitors, Cultural, Demographic)
7-    Does the McDonald’s used any of these strategies (Adaptation, Aggregation, Arbitrage)? Discuss.
8-    Show and explain the SWOT matrix with strategies for McDonald’s
9-    Show the BCG matrix.  Again, discuss the implications of your findings.
10-    Show the Grand Strategy matrix.  Again, focus on implications after giving the quadrant selection.  Do not simply state “market penetration”, elaborate on what it means and what it entails?
11-    Describe and discuss the McDonald’s strategies into two parts:
–    Existing strategies used and to be continues
–    New strategies to be started.
Note: For Question 13, the attachment PPT Called Ch06 – Owais and Ch06 – Owais. Will help you. But again you have to use the case to get the information

12-    You have to complete the following tables of IFE and EFE of McDonald’s. Discuss each score after completing the table.Must be from the case
Internal Strengths    Weight    Rating    Weighted Score

Internal Weaknesses


ExternalOpportunities    Weight    Rating    Weighted Score

External Threats

13-    Show and explainthe SPACE matrix, discussing the factors and scores and their meaning.Must be from the case
Internal Analysis
Financial Strength (FS)    External Analysis
Environmental Stability(ES)

Financial Strength (FS) average        Environment Stability (ES) average

Internal Analysis
Competitive Advantage (CA)    External Analysis
Industry Strength (IS)

Competitive Advantage (CA) Average        Industry Strength (IS) Average

Since 1955, we’ve been proud to serve the world some of its favorite food. And along the way, we’ve
managed not just to live history, but create it: from drive-thru restaurants to Chicken McNuggets to
college credits from Hamburger U and much more. it’s been quite the journey, and we promise this is
just the beginning-we’ve got our hearts set on making more history. During 2014, there were no
material changes to the Company’s corporate structure or in its method of conducting business. in
2014, the Company continued the process it began in 2005 to realign certain subsidiaries to develop
a corporate structure within its geographic segments that better reflects the operation of the
McDonald’s worldwide business. The Company operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants,
which serve a locally-relevant menu of quality food and drinks sold at various affordable price points
in more than 100 countries. McDonald’s global system is comprised of both Company-owned and
franchised restaurants. McDonald’s franchised restaurants are owned and operated under one of the
following structures – conventional franchise, developmental license or affiliate. The optimal
ownership structure for an individual restaurant, trading area or market (country) is based on a variety
of factors, including the availability of individuals with the entrepreneurial experience and financial
resources, as well as the local legal and regulatory environment in critical areas such as property
ownership and franchising. We continually review, and as appropriate adjust, our mix of Company-
owned and franchised restaurants to help optimize overall performance. The business relationship
between McDonald’s and its independent franchisees is of fundamental importance to overall
performance and to the McDonald’s Brand. This business relationship is supported by an agreement
that requires adherence to standards and policies essential to protecting our brand. The Company
views itself primarily as a franchisor, with the vast majority of McDonald’s restaurants (approximately
80%) owned and operated by independent franchisees. Franchising enables an individual to own a
restaurant business and maintain control over personnel, purchasing, marketing and pricing
decisions, while also benefiting from the strength of McDonald’s global brand, operating system and
financial resources. One of the strengths of this model is that the expertise gained from operating
Company-owned restaurants allows McDonald’s to improve the operations and success of all

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