Advanced Legal research

Advanced Legal research

There are two works:
( research gauid 14 pages )
( research log 3 pages )
First work: Research guide: (14 pages)
The topic is: ”the History of Franchise Law and its development’’

I attached a research guide sample for another topic of another student with professor’s comments. It is very important to see the student work because there the way to write the information and you follow that the information bellow:  (Notice that the information about the topic is not as important as the instructions bellow ).

Very important to see the attached sample with professor’s comments to know how you can use these instructions bellow.
Explains convincingly why each resource belongs in the Guide.
Describes the finding aids for this resource (finding aids include indexes, tables of contents, tables of cases or statutes, etc., as well as search boxes, drop down menus, browsing tools, and anything else that helps you find materials)
Describes the coverage of the resource – dates, content and jurisdictions.
Evaluates the quality for this type of research and recommends the best way to use for a legal researcher on this topic.
A detailed description of how each resource works.
A recommendation of the best way to use each resource to research this topic.
Lists the pitfalls and benefits of each resource for researching this topic.
How to avoid any pitfalls or problems you found with each resource.
Comparisons between resources.
Include resources beyond cases, statutes and law reviews.
Use web-sites and books. I prefer websites at least 4 out of 6 resources because we can use and practice the instructions above on them.

Second work: Research log: (3pages)
A list of all the resources examined in the course of preparing the Research Guide, or at least the materials not included in the Guide.
Some details on the materials NOT included in the Research Guide.
A brief note on why they were not included.
The order in which used, ideally, the dates.
Terms used or queries for resources NOT included in the Guide.
Where using a Lexis or Westlaw database, include the scope note (i) and search history (simplest way to keep the log).
Brief reflections on how the research went. What did you learn?


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