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Adult learner

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· Merriam et al. Text: Chapters 8-10


1. Unit 3 Journaling (Post to Discussion Board, 10 points)

a. In at least 3 paragraphs, summarize what you learned in this unit, infusing your own personal experience (or someone else’s that you witnessed) to illustrate your points. (This journaling exercise [along with those from Units 1-2, 4] will provide the framework of your final project – a sizeable critical reflection of your ED 308 Adult Learning journey.) Be sure to answer these questions:
i. What did I already know about newer approaches to adult learning? The articles I selected for my annotated bibliography revealed…
ii. How does the information from Unit 3 relate to what I already know?
iii. What is/are the broader implication(s) or significance of what I have learned?


1. Annotated Bibliography

a. Choose and evaluate three (3) of the newer approaches to adult learning that you learned about in Unit 3. Conduct a search of the Wellehan library databases (I personally prefer ERIC) for articles that fully inspect each one of your three choices. You will, therefore, seek out one article per approach, for a total of three articles. Structure your paper this way:
i. For each article, provide an APA formatted annotation—don’t forget to include the persistent link to the article. If one is not provided, at least list the reference number of the article so that we can look up particularly interesting ones for our own intellectual advancement.
ii. Then, present a brief synopsis (two substantial paragraphs) of each article below its respective annotation. Please do not copy and paste the abstract (as this would be plagiarism)! I want you to fully read the article and provide a summary in your own words of what you read and understood. It will help to choose articles that are interesting and approaches that you have a connection to or a need to know more about.
iii. Finally, offer your own personal thoughts (two substantial paragraphs) about what you have read, relating it to your adult education ideals, a transformation in thought, teaching methods, etc. (you choose).

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