Adolescents who are bullied

Population of Interest Paper (50 pts)- Each student will submit one research paper. All information should be cited in this paper (i.e. say where each fact came from). This is not an opinion paper. Personal views/experience do not matter in a research paper and should not be stated. A good general rule for writing this paper is: if it can’t be cited, it doesn’t belong in my paper. The only real exception to this rule is in the application section where information that has been cited, is used to draw conclusions about how to help the population. Should any plagiarism occur, the offending student will fail the course.

The Population of Interest Paper should include the following labeled sections:

        Defining the Population – 2-3 sentences.  Tell me what population you are focusing on (e.g. “This paper will focus on refugee children ages 0-11 who have come to the US from Burma and settled in Greeley, Colorado”

        Demographic Information-1-2 paragraphs.  Demographics are statistical data about your population.  Look for useful statistics to tell us about your population.  For example “Over 117,000 Burmese refugees settled in the United States between 2008 and 2014 (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016).”  Do not use demographic information more than 5 years old (i.e. before 2014).  Ask yourself, “ what statistics are important to know for working with my population?”.

        Research- 3 paragraphs.  Summarize (using YOUR OWN WORDS) four separate research studies that focus on your population of interest.  Recount what the study was about, how they studied the topic and what the researchers found. Example:  “Ryu (2019) examined ways that Burmeese refugees students interact and negotiate in scientific discourse.  The researchers examined videos to see the how the refugee students interacted in an afterschool STEM program.  The researchers found that Burmese refugee students used joking and laughter, ethnic knowledge, taking turns and coordinated responses to interact with eachother (Ryu, 2019).

        Application of Information-3-4 paragraphs.  Use this section to explain how the information from the paper could be applied to a human services context.  Ask yourself, how can this information be used?  Be specific about recommendations. Example: “Ryu (2019) found the use of humor helped Burmese refugee students navigate intimidating conversations.  Including opportunities for using humor and laughter in programs designed for young Burmese refugees may help them feel more comfortable in potentially difficult situations.  Examples of this might include letting students know you are open to goon-natured levity in your program or telling a few jokes yourself when explaining a topic or activity, to model that it is acceptable and encouraged.”  This section does not need to be as heavily cited as the others.  Your recommendations should be directly linked to the research you have provided however, thee application of the research is your own so, your ideas do not need to be cited.
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