Admission Graduate Career Essay

Write a career essay of 500 words describing my intellectual and academic interests, accomplishments and goals.

Background: earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Lehman College, Bronx NY. After graduation, worked as a substitute teacher at a private school where I was hired immediately as a full time Spanish teacher. I have been working there for the past three (3 ) years.

Accomplishments: earned Summa Cum Laude Honor, Departmental Spanish Honor and President Scholar. Member to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars since 2016. First immigrant female in my family to graduate with a Summa Cum Laude Degree.

Lehman College will be the right environment in which I can pursue my interests and develop my academia in order to excel in the teaching career.

Goal: is to provide each student an equal opportunity for success by closing their learning gaps and equipped with the essential abilities to success.

Please contact me for any additional information prior to writing my essay. Additional docs will be uploaded.

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