Adjectives best describe Christopher Columbus

  1. Which three adjectives best describe Christopher Columbus? For example, was he “observant,” “respectful,” and “fair,” or “condescending,” “rude, and
    “greedy,” or some other descriptions of your own choosing? While you are welcome to use any three adjectives, be sure to back up your choices with
    evidence and devote at least one paragraph explaining and justifying each of your selections.
    Paper Formats: Papers should be about three to four (3-4) double-spaced pages (i.e., no less than three pages and no more than four pages), use Times New
    Roman font in black ink (size 12), have 1” margins on all sides, and have page numbers on the bottom right corners of pages. You may only use materials
    from the course, including assigned texts, lectures, and class discussions. You may not use information from other websites and/or unassigned readings.
    Grading: “A” papers will have exceptional content, organization, style, grammar, and professionalism. It will use a diversity of course materials, including
    primary sources, the textbook, and lectures/discussions.
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