Adidas Neo Case Study

Adidas Neo Case Study

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Adidas Neo Case Study
For many years, Adidas was driven by a desire to help all athletes committed to performance.
In 1996, the “three-stripes company” equips 6,000 Olympic athletes from 33 countries. Adidas athletes won 220 medals, including 70 gold. Apparel sales increased 50%.
In 2008, Adidas launched a new label: Adidas Neo.
A Neo store recently opened in Frankfurt, Germany, and a Berlin store opened February 23rd. Adidas also operates Neo in-store boutiques within U.S. department stores such as Kohl’s and J. C. Penney. However, most of Neo’s expansion is expected to take place in Russia and China.
What do you think are the reasons for Adidas launching the new label?
APA format and 10-11 pages
Please research and answer thoroughly!

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