Action statement

A course of action statement normally does not exceed one page, with the accompanying sketch on a separate page. Your statement is limited a total of four pages: • Your statement must be submitted as a word document not to exceed three double-spaced pages. • You may draw your sketch on the attached graphic by hand, or you may use PowerPoint to make and place the symbols on the sketch. For this assignment, you may submit the sketch as a PDF, JPEG or PNG file a PDF for the sketch. The primary references for the COA S&S are: • FM 6-0 Commander and Staff Organizations and Operations (Apr 2016, w/ Change 2) • ADP 1-02 Terms and Military Symbols (Aug 2018) • Chapter 6 “Cabanatuan” of Leavenworth Papers #11. Caution, the attached special situation modifies, simplifies and clarifies some of the information from the Leavenworth Papers. In instances where the Leavenworth Paper and this assignment differ (such as in unit designations and composition) use the information provided in this assignment. You should refer to FM 6-0, ADP 1-02, and the online instruction on MDMP, especially the supplemental lesson called Course of Action Statement and Sketch, located in the C633 lesson folder in Blackboard. You should also refer to Leavenworth Paper #11 upon which the C634 MDMP Exam and this assignment are based. When using primary references (listed above) for format, definition, and symbology, there is no requirement to cite or footnote their use. Use of any other references and outside sources must be cited IAW ST 22-2. You may use parenthetical citations, endnotes, or footnotes. Remember, this Special Situation is different from the one which the guerillas actually faced in the Leavenworth Papers. This assignment requires you to create a unique solution to the problem in the special situation rather than attempting to recreate CPT Pajota’s solution. Since this scenario is different from the one CPT Pajota faced, do not try to replicate the COA he used. For example, placing guerillas near Manacnac to help prevent Dohuko 359 from crossing the Cabu River may accept significant risks for little benefit. Although some situations and examples have phased operations with shifting main efforts and more than one decisive operation, try to make your COA relatively simple by identifying one decisive point, one decisive operation at that point, and one squadron to conduct that decisive operation This grading rubric follows the Figure 9-5 sample from FM 6-0. _ (60 points total) COURSE OF ACTION STATEMENT Your answers to the questions must be typed and double-spaced throughout, and must use Times New Roman 12-pitch font and one-inch margins. (5 pts) Write a mission statement for Pajota’s Guerillas. Pay special attention to the time and task in this mission. The time must be synchronized with the Rangers assault (do not use ‘on order’ or ‘be prepared’). Although history records that Pajota’s Guerillas virtually destroyed Dokuho 359, doing so was not required. Remember, the task in the mission should accomplish as little as needed to fulfill the purpose, rather than as much as possible—since the difference is often measured in lives. (10 pts) Develop a Commander’s Intent. Remember, the Purpose here should be ‘broader’ than the one in your mission, that Key Tasks normally become the focus of Decisive and Shaping Operations, and that the End State must include Friendly, Enemy, Terrain and Civil components. (10 pts) Decisive Operation (DO). Consider the following questions, and then write a mission statement for the squadron conducting the DO. What single task is most decisive (if you could do just one task, what would it be? How does that task contribute to the end-state for Pajota’s Guerillas?) Why? Where? When should it begin? Which squadron do you envision conducting this operation? (15 pts) Shaping Operations (SO). Write a mission statement for each of the five squadrons which shapes the decisive operation by accomplishing a key task, sets conditions for the decisive operation, or serves as a reserve. In each case, the purpose of the squadron’s operation must logically connect to the decisive operation as well as the overall mission of Pajota’s Guerillas. _(5 pts) Fires. Write a mission statement for the pair of Black Widows which have very limited ammunition, but can make a significant contribution. This force should have a very specific task against a very specific target. (5 pts) Intelligence. List specific priority information requirements (PIRs) needed for Pajota to make the two anticipated decisions: (1) commit the reserve and (2) commit the Black Widows. The Alamo Scouts should be positioned to collect and report this information _
I was not able to fit entire assignment instructions in this block. Please look at uploaded assignment instructions. Also some sources were to large to upload so you will need to look them up. one of those sources is: ADP 1-02.

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