Actigraphic devices (cardiovascular physiology)

Actigraphic devices (cardiovascular physiology)

Essay Assignment
Write a critical review of around3,000words (±300 words)
on the essay topic outlined below.
You will need to do some background reading of original scientific papers on these topics for this essay
. Aim for around 8fully cited and relevant references
. At least half of the references should be original research papers
published in peer reviewed international journals, but references can include your textbook (Guyton and Hall), other physiology textbooks,
and relevant review articles. Students canuse good quality original
research articles even if they were published a decade or more ago
. Your essay should be clearly focussed on the topic, deal with its
central concerns, reflect critical reading of the relevant literature,
and offer concisely written and well reasoned arguments.
Please take note of the following points.
•Submission of the essay is a mandatory requirement to passPSIO332.
•The essay must be submitted by the due date (Friday 4thSeptember,
2015)for all internal and external PSIO332 students.
•If the essay is submitted after the 4thSeptember, 5%of the maximum marks will be deducted from the essay grade for each working day
after the due date.
•Before submitting your essay, check to determine the originality of
your assessable work by submitting the essay to TurnItIn. Once you are satisfied that the originality of your work is at an acceptable level,
submit your essay as a PDF file through the Moodle assignment submission process.
•You must keep anelectronic copy of your essay for your records.
•You may include tables, diagrams, etc. if you wish. These may be
photocopied from their (acknowledged) sources.
•Your writing style should be direct and economical, and all references to which you refer must be listed in a bibliography at the end. This
bibliography must list author(s), title, and full details of the reference.
•Use section headings and sub
-headings to helpin achieving a clear presentation.
Essay Topic
Actigraphic devices are increasingly being used to monitor exercise and other daily activities.
Review and discuss each of the following 4 types of actigraphic devices: pedometers, accelerometers, heart rate monitors, and combined heart rate and body movement (pedometers or accelerometers) monitors. Ensure that you discuss each the following in your essay:
•The physical and physiological principles by which each of the 4 different types of actigraphic sensors listed above work.
•The relative advantages and disadvantages of the different types of
actigraphic devices (especially accuracy, but where applicable also discuss issues such as cost and ease of use).
•The use fullness of actigraphic monitoring (current and future potential)

Please note that the first 6 article are the most important articles to be included in my assignment and there are many useful diagrams which can be included in the assignment. I preferred to support my assignment with diagrams.

1 article Branched equation modeling of simultaneous accelerometry and heart rate monitoring improves estimate of directly measured physical activity energy expenditure

2 article Accuracy of the Actiheart for the assessment of energy expenditure in adults

3 article Application of cross-sectional time series modeling for the prediction of energy expenditure from heart rate and accelerometry

4 article Assessment of Low-to-Moderate Intensity Physical Activity Thermogenesis in Young Adults Using Synchronized Heart Rate and Accelerometry with Branched-Equation Modeling1,2

5 article Effect of combined movement and heart rate monitor placement on physical activity estimates during treadmill locomotion and free-living

6 article Reliability and validity of the combined heart rate and movement sensor Actiheart

The article from 7 to 10 are the most second importamt articles which also I preferred to be included in my assignment.

7 article Objective Monitoring of Physical Activity Using Motion Sensors and Heart Rate

8 article Validity of heart rate, pedometry, and accelerometry for predicting the energy cost of children’s activities

9 article Validity of Heart Rate, Pedsmetry, and Accelerometry for Estimating the Energy
Cost of Activity in Hong Kong Chinese Boys

10 article Accuracy and validity of a combined heart rate and motion sensor for the measurement of free-living physical activity energy expenditure in adults in Cameroon

However the articles from 11 to 17 can be the less important article just use it when you feel to need it.

11 article A combined heart rate and movement sensor: proof of concept and preliminary testing study

12 article Commercially available pedometers: considerations for accurate step counting

13 article ACTIGRAPHY

14 article The technology of accelerometry-based activity monitors: current and future. Med Sci
Sports Exerc 37(11):S490-S500

15 article Utility of Pedometers for Assessing Physical Activity

16 article Review of physical activity measurement using accelerometers in older adults: Considerations for research design and conduct

17 article Conducting Accelerometer-Based Activity Assessments in Field-Based Research

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