Acquisitions, Merger, or Partnership/Alliance

Acquisitions, Merger, or Partnership/Alliance

For the last two years you have been assigned as the chief strategy officer for Ralph Lauren (Ticker Symbol: RL).  As you already know, Ralph Lauren sells men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishing to customers worldwide.

Last week, The CEO of the company came and told you that Ralph Lauren desperately needs to increase revenue, minimize costs, and/or increase market share.  The CEO tells you that they are considering acquiring, merging and/or forming partnerships with the following companies:

Option #1: PVC Corp (Ticker Symbol: PVH).

Option #2: Hugo Boss (Ticker Symbol: HUGPF).

Option #3: VF Apparel Corporation (Ticker Symbol: VFP)

Option#4: GAP (Ticker Symbol: GPS)

Option #5: Under Armor (Ticker Symbol: UA)

The CEO has given both you and your team the responsibility to analyze each of the following companies and decide what action you should take?  Should your form a merger, an alliance, or try to acquire one of the above-mentioned companies?  Should you take no action, why or why not?

In doing you analysis, I recommend the following:

1.    Better understand Ralph Lauren including its strengths and weaknesses, what are its major products/lines?  What is their current strategy?  What is their revenue like? Are they profitable?  Where to most of their customers reside?  How can they: 1) Increase sales to existing customers, or 2) Create new customers? Where are most of the clothes made?  Is there a way to reduce cost while still maintaining brand name?

2.    Understand each the companies that you are considering a merger/acquisition/partnership with.  What are their products/services like and how do they complement/compete with Ralph Lauren? Are these companies profitable?  What is each of the companies’ market capitalization like (shares times price)?  Do you have the cash to buy any of these companies, or would you have to provide cash and/or stock in the purchase negotiations?

3.    How can you STRATEGICALLY build Ralph Lauren?  USE YOUR OWN CREATIVITY and INNOVATION – this is real world stuff – companies make these decisions all the time!!!


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