Academic article for Broadside

This exercise combines the academic skills you have developed so far into writing a short article on
YOURSELF as a professional, based on one of the issues identified in the unit readings: What is a
professional? Am I a professional? What is it that I do that makes me a professional?
Broadside is a quarterly feature newsletter of the Community Child Care Co-operative Ltd (NSW) covering
political issues and news affecting the early education and care sector. Each edition provides in-depth

analysis of key issues of the day, giving you all the information you need to stay at the forefront of the sector.
Step 1 Review the lecturer’s notes and complete the readings for Topics 1-5
Step 2 Your paper must be written as an academic essay, with headings.
DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES. You must demonstrate that you can summarise in your own words the

that you find in the literature. This is called paraphrasing

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