Abrahamic Monotheism and “The Problem of Evil”

How should we approach the aftermath of injustice? Eliminate and punish, or forgive and reconcile?
How would describe Burt’s purpose in “Reconciling with Injustice”? Assess this purposes. What are its
strengths and weaknesses?
Describe the way Burt interprets Scripture. Do you think it’s valid? Do you think he violates the original
meaning and purpose of the scriptures he cites, or does he make interesting and suggestive points about the
meaning of Biblical narrative?
What relevance does the Scriptures of Abrahamic monotheism have to the political issues of the modern
world? Would you consider this a “non-religious” use of ancient writings, or is there indeed something
“religious” about his methodology and general approach to thinking about the problem of injustice and the best
way for society to respond to it?

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