Abnormal psychology


Abnormal psychology

SLO 1: Anxiety disorders and diagnosis. Watch the video case study of “Hannah-”
https-j/www-youtube.coanatch?v=XH2tF8083ow Hannah clearly has some anxiety,
and it seems to be mostly related to social situations, but what diagnosis would you
give her? Does she have Social Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, or maybe Generalized
Anxiety Disorder? Explain and justify your choice of diagnosis, showing how you
compare her symptoms to the diagnostic criteria and descriptions in the textbook to
arrive at a conclusion- The important thing here is not so much to pick the “right”
choice; rather, the important thing is your attention to detail and the sophistication of
your analysis-

SLO 2: Mood disorders and treatment- Watch the video case study of “Gabriella-”
https-j/www-youtube.com/watch?v=JKUFWK6ist This video shows a first session of
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- Gabriella describes symptoms that fit well with the
CBT approach, and the therapist is obviously setting up for that, but it is only the first
session- Draw on the textbook’s description of Cognitive therapy in general, and CBT
in particular, and describe how you would continue the treatment from here. In this
section, I am looking for how well you describe and apply generic elements of therapy
to a specific case-

SLO 3: Eating disorders and causal mechanisms. Watch the case study of “Jennifer,”
who suffers from Bulimia httsz/www.youtube-com/watch?v=lirwsVN4LQQ A large
proportion of the video is devoted to her relationship with her mother, which suggth
that this may be a case where family issues are involved- Describe Bruch’s idea of
ineffective parenting (p. 274-275) and Minuchin’s enmeshed family pattern (p- 279),
and discuss why you think either of them may, or may not, apply to Jennifer- If you
don’t think they do (or if you don’t have enough evidence to support those views in this
case), draw on other theories in the textbook to explain what you think may be the
main causal factor producing her bulimic symptoms. The important thing here is not so
much to pick the “right” choice; rather, the important thing is your attention to detail
and the sophistication of your analysis-

Tips and Technical Issues

No length requirement- Your paper is graded on quality of analysis, not quantity of
pages- Thus, there is no minimum or maximum length requirement; use as many words
and/or pages as you need, in order to say what you have to say. However, although
you are not being graded on how much you write, you do need to write enough to fully
express your ideas and do a quality analysis of the material.

Format and neatness count- You should proofread your essay for neatness and
grammar. It should follow the general look of APA format, which is the style I am using
for this set of instructions, so make it look like this an terms of headers, font, spacing,
etc.) and you should be okay-

Give complete explanations. You should give full and complete explanations to show
how much you know- Many of the questions in time instructions leave room for
people to give different answers at different levels of detail and analysis. To earn a
better grade, you should try to draw on more material from the textbook (and additional
sources if you want) and do more sophisticated analyses of the case studies-

Part of the challenge in writing a good paper is in deciding how to demonstrate what
you have achieved. The way you express yourself is up to you, but remember that it is
your responsibility to demonstrate that you have learned (or at least that you know
where to find) the relevant material- Don’t just assume that the reader knows what you
mean or is already familiar with what you are talking about.


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