Aart history class]Cross-Cultural Comparison

Aart history class]Cross-Cultural Comparison

Paper details:

Choose two objects from the collections of any museum in New York which you believe share key formal characteristics. The objects must be dated within two centuries of each other, be from different cultures and/or geographic areas, and at least ONE must be from a non-Western culture. Both should fall within the chronology of our syllabus (before 1500AD).

Write a 3-4 page paper comparing and contrasting the two works, constructing an argument about what is similar or different in the two works and, most importantly, why the two works are similar or different in how they look. What do the formal characteristics tell us about similarities and differences between cultures? How did similar forms develop in both cultures? Did the work of one culture influence the other, or were both influenced by another source? Draw on your knowledge of the historical contexts of both works to discuss why they may share some similarities and have other differences.

Consider focusing on one of the many themes we have discussed in class to focus your comparison on, such as how the human body is portrayed, politics, religion, landscape, etc.

Remember that your argument should be grounded primarily in formal evidence which can be supported by socio-historical contexts.

Note: A museum visit is not required for this paper, but it is encouraged. You may choose your works from online museum collections but be sure to include the museum or collection in your ID information. You cannot pick your two works from Google Images.

Format: your paper should be 3-4 pages long (not including images) and should be double spaced, using 11 or 12 point Times Roman font and 1” (inch) margins. Please include images of both chosen works with full ID information at the end of your assignment.

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