A research brief and a research proposal for Phone blocks

A research brief and a research proposal for Phone blocks

1. Write the research brief for the following business scenarios. Include in your brief the key business issues and what the company is hoping to achieve by conducting the research project. Consider all the relevant variables within the Marketing Mix that the market research agency would need to know about.

2. Write a research proposal as if it had been written by one of the company’s market research agencies. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of the brief, and then design a method that you feel will meet the research objectives. You will be given extra marks for describing possible alternative methods / samples etc. and the reasons why you are not recommending them.

Total word count 3000

Business scenario 1

Please imagine that Phonebloks have decided that they need to gauge the reactions of potential users to their new concept to help them plan their launch.

Your task is to write the brief from Phonebloks to their market research agency – requesting the agency’s recommendations about how this should be done…..

and then to write the proposal, as if you were the research agency.
Budget: no more than £60,000

This is a purely imaginative exercise. Please do not contact Phonebloks, but imagine the types of issues that they are likely to want to be covered in the research.
You can be as creative as you like about the client situation – the brand will be Phonebloks but you can create realistic details about the company behind the brand.
This is a totally fictitious business scenario. You can therefore be as imaginative as you like about the company behind this new concept, and about the specific details of exactly what they would be offering.
Because you have a budget of £60,000 it is likely that you will be recommending both qualitative and quantitative research stages. This will allow you to demonstrate the benefits of both methods.
• Remember that the brief should be written as if it had been written by Phonebloks

• In your brief: Describe the business issues in terms of the variables of the Marketing Mix

• Remember that the proposal should be written as if it had been written by a market research agency
• Don’t forget about secondary research. The agency might use some secondary research to help them plan the primary research
• In your proposal: Discuss reasons for choosing methods and also reasons for rejecting others

• You do not need to include a detailed questionnaire – but do include an overview of likely questions
• You do not need to include much detail on Analysis
• Please assume that the project is taking place in the UK
• Please use the cost examples given in lecture 2 to calculate your costs


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