A Letter to the Court

A Letter to the Court

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Case Study: A 23 year old male convicted of conspiracy of a crime. His lawyer recommended to plead guilty to serve a minimal of 2.5 years in prison.
The only correlation to the crime is that he drove his friends to the store or assisted in driving to and from destinations in college, since many students did not have vehicles.

Facts to support your letter:
–A patrol officer in elementary school.
–He never had problems with the law.
–He played football in high school and captain for the team
— A mentor to all who need advise from elementary school to the present .
–He is a supervisor at an emergency medical facility which he has trained over 20 new employees over the past few years he has been employed at the company.
–The owners of the company respects him as well as the clients he care for.
–He is respected by his family.
–He has a mentally challenge brother that he spends time every 2 weeks by taking him to get his hair cut and basic shopping.
–Respects his parents and family
–Lives in a prominent community.
–This is your son.
–Mother and 2 sisters in the medical field

Write a letter explaining why, you as a parent believe, your son should be granted immunity with other possible actions, such as community serves and/or probation.

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