A Journey of Curricular [En]Visioning (PART IV: SYNTHETICAL)


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1. How do you see your future present in the past, your past in your future, and your present a part of both your past and your future?
2. As you conceptualize your past, present, and future, how do they stand apart?
3. What are the themes that you can identify across the three?
1. Where have your intellectual interests, as well as what you’ve learned in this course and others, lead you, perhaps even freed you, to conceptualize the three areas and then interpret them for meaning? (What is this means is your PhD program is part of your story, but it has also provided you intellectual skills and language in which you are able to name the past, present, and future and the influences in those areas.)
2. How do your conceptualizations and realizations of temporal spaces (my past, present and future) through this activity move you toward thinking deeply about curriculum for a diverse society rather than accepting or unconsciously supporting presentism and standardization?


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