A Framework for Preparing an Operation Budget

A Framework for Preparing an Operation Budget

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The purpose of this essay is to provide students with the opportunity to propose an optimal model for the practice of nursing management/administration. It also provides for a way to demonstrate the ability to navigate the budgeting process and an understanding of the many components involved in the budget process.

1. Prepare a 4-6 page paper that focuses on the nurse manager/director’s role when preparing and gaining approval of an operational budget. Include a flow sheet to diagram the process. The focus is on Accountability for developing and managing the budget as a nurse manager or nursing director, Budgeting Process, Benefits of Budgets and Summary.
2. Conduct a literature search for articles describing administrative theories and management principles related to budgeting, as a resource for the paper. The references should be dated from 2010-2015 and include at least 7-8 references.
3. Identify and describe components of the budget process.What are the key steps in preparing a budget?
4. What is the nurse manager/director’s role in preparing budgets?
5. In the discussion, apply theories and concepts relevant to the leadership necessary in financial management.
6. Discuss patient load and census and how it affects budgeting.
7. Identify major legal and ethical issues that influence decision-making regarding financial management (if there are any).

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