“A Difficult Patient”

Review the video titled “A Difficult Patient” at this link:
Answer these questions:

Are you a difficult patient? What steps can we take be a better partner with our providers so they can

provide us with the best healthcare possible? For example, I think patients should begin to chart their own

blood pressure readings at home (even when they’re not sick). This will help to give the provider an idea of

how much (or little) the person’s blood pressure actually fluctuates so we have better knowledge to flag

when a person’s blood pressure is a serious concern.
Have you ever seen someone total disrupt a care setting by being a “difficult patient”? If so, please

provide details. If you have not experienced a difficult patient in your real life, find a news story about a

difficult patient and share the link on this thread. Next, discuss what steps the providers and patients can

take moving forward to eliminate the specific issues tied to the scenario you have described. For example,

“I’ve seen a patient make threats if they do not receive certain medications. To avoid this, I think there

needs to be an increase security presence in hospitals especially in pharmacy areas.”

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