A Deck Investigation of Supply Chain Concepts

A Deck Investigation of Supply Chain Concepts

Design a global supply chain for a new local entrepreneurial product or service of your choice. This could be either a product or service idea completely new to the world, or a product or service new to your local market. The object of the assignment is to examine and plan for the type of supply chain that would be necessary to obtain new materials, produce the product and distribute the product within your chosen market areas. Your assignment should cover the following issues:

(a) describe the product or service well enough for the assignment examiner to understand its relevance to this assignment in terms of the supply chain systems involved in its production and distribution;

(b) in breadth rather than depth, describe and analyse the following areas of supply chain design and management:
– The structure of the supply chain network that might be needed including any potentially critical supply chain issues.
– Potential competition and what supply chain strategies could be used to meet it.
– How you will provide for supply chain agility, flexibility and responsiveness.
– Potential sources of risk and how these can be minimised or managed.
– How the supply chain should be organized, including a potential organisational structure.
– Issues of supplier integration into the new product development process.

(c) Based on your supply chain design, provide a very brief conclusion about the product’s potential for

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