choose an age group (early chilhood), psychological domain, and theoretcal perspective, focus this paper on your interview subject.

Provide a final paper : the topic will be on a domain group and theoretical perspective used to analyze a person that you interview (please write interview based on my 26 month old daughter Malaika). you will present findings from the article to the class;this paper involves conducting a literature search, on a contemporary topic exemplifying evidence drawn from the interview focus.
it must be written APA sixth edition, including

1.title page,
2. Introduction: Purpose incorporating-
Focus on a topic within a psychological domain of interest: cognitive (thinking, language, intelligence), social-emotional or physical development(i rather physical development). make use of a theoretical orientation (using concepts/language of the theorist). select a period of development (infancy, early childhood, late adulthood,etc)( i prefer early childhood).
Introduce your interview or observation participant (my 26 month old daughter malaika). describe the task you will use to engage your participant with (i.e. structured interview, Piagetian tasks, Heinz dilemma( i prefer Piaget).
3. Literature reviews (from your references draft): search then summarize relevant information gathered from diverse resources (reference books, historical works(seminal research or theory), periodical articles (prioritize), professionally affiliated websites(please limit to maximum of 1).
3a. INTEGRATE, ANALYZE, AND CRITICIZE your summaries : analysis of adequacy and consistency or inconsistency of the information your find on your selecred topic. include limitations of methodology of research according to your text.
4. Coclusion: Summary linking your introduction with the overall findings; your unique raction to the process of research.
5. reference page(APA) style
6. overall writing skill is part of the grading

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