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Hi writer, I have attached the order details with the order. Make sure u write the assignment based to Northern Territory, Australia. Also use the references related to it.
Length: 2500 words
Task: Students will consider one group (e.g. Indigenous peoples, children, women, mental health patients) they will be working with in their profession and address the following questions.
What legislation impacts upon the work you will be doing?
How would you apply your knowledge of this legislation to best advocate for the rights of those you are working with?
What are the strengths and limitations of legislation in supporting the rights of this group?
Preparation: It is essential that students are familiar with the lecture material, readings and undertake broader literature searches to supplement their learning in relation to their chosen them.
The analysis must be typed on a word processor and submitted through Learnline. Please use the draft submission point in learnline to check safe assign for plagiarism. Please do not submit a final assignment that has a safe assign check of over15%.
The word count does not include the reference list.
Assessment criteria: The essay will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• Comprehension of legislation (30%) • Application of legislation to practice (30%) • Critical analysis (20%) • Academic writing and referencing (20%)

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