1980-1989 Macro-Economics PowerPoint

The following post has two assignments as follows;

1. 1980-1989 Macro-Economics PowerPoint

In-depth analysis of a 10-year period in U.S. economic history, 1980-1989.
Examine macroeconomic data, basic macroeconomic principles, government actions, and historical/current events to give a clear and comprehensive picture of your chosen time period and detail how they are related to one another.

2. My company is liable – Why?

Contrary to his employer’s instructions not to let anyone drive the truck, or even ride in it, a truck driver allows a thirteen-year-old to drive the truck. If involved in an accident while the teenager is driving, under what conditions will the employer be liable to the injured third party?

Please use Chapter 16 of the textbook below as one of the references in Turabian style:

Edwards, J.S. “Tort law. Sixth Edition”. Boston, Massachusetts, United States: Cengage Learning

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