The aim of this project is to provide the students with the opportunity to:
• work with real-life datasets
• demonstrate the competencies and skills needed to perform fundamental data analytics
• visualize data
• write and present a brief executive report of findings and recommendations

Skills to be demonstrated:
The selected dataset and derived data analytics challenge the student to demonstrate the following skills:
• Ability to read data from external files and store data in a Pandas DataFrame
• Sort data by column(s)
• Group data by column(s)
• Apply DataFrame arithmetic operations
• Visualize data by appropriate plotting/charting
• Work with multi-lingual datasets (e.g. Arabic)
• Compose Executive Summary
• Compose Reflection/Recommendation

Select dataset from an open data source (locally or internationally). See the section “Data Sources”.
1. Identify and write at least 7 questions for your analysis.
2. Describe your dataset in terms of its source, focus, number of rows and columns
3. Perform data analytics using the Pandas library with Python
4. Produce the results in a tabular format with appropriate charts
5. Write an Executive Summary focusing on key findings
6. Write a brief Reflection/Recommendation Statement
7. Produce a well-structured MS Word Report of your analysis and a complete Jupyter Notebook
8. Submit both documents to BBLearn
9. Present your project’s key findings and recommendations to a live panel while explaining the
process employed to perform your data analytics

Data Sources:
Students are encouraged to select an appropriate dataset from any of the open data projects including:
• UAE Open Data Project:
• USA Open Data Project:
• European Open Data Project:

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