110 W6 Short Essay

110 W6 Short Essay

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Please read chapters nine and eleven about The Two Party System, Party Organization, Parties and the Electorate, Parties and Elections, Parties and Government, The Character of Interest Groups, and The Proliferation of Interest Groups. Your readings about political parties and interest groups will be very important in order for you to see two venues for influencing government decisions.

Required Text: Lowi, T., Ginsberg, B., Weir, M., Tolbert, C., (2013). We the People. New York, NY: W.W. Norton and Company AND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0xcik1t-0I
This is a clip from the movie “Thank You for Smoking.” It is a good, though perhaps cynical, description of what lobbying is and how it works. It will be helpful for understanding lobbying – and important technique used by interest groups.

#1 The two main political parties have each changed drastically over time. What are the historical origins of the Democratic Party? Of the Republican Party? What is a party system? Describe some of the party systems that have arisen over the course of American history.

To get an A:
Your well thought out, articulated response shows great depth of understanding, and references the course material. All factual claims were true. Paper is virtually free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. There is no important information missing. There are no factual errors. Paper is extremely organized in a clear and logical manner. The flow of the paper makes it easy to read. All points are supported with credible sources – the textbook if possible. APA citation method is clear and clearly followed.

• 12 point Times New Roman
• Standard double-spaced (2.0)
• One-inch margins on all four sides
• No cover Page
• APA Format and Use proper English, no abbreviations nor slang

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