101905 Indigenous Cultures: A Global Perspective – Assessment Marking Sheet (Reflective Journal)

101905 Indigenous Cultures: A Global Perspective – Assessment Marking Sheet (Reflective Journal)

Part Two: Final Journal Reflections (1500 words)                                                        Mark:     /20
Criteria    Unsatisfactory
Passable    Satisfactory    Good    Very Good

The student has not chosen relevant material on which to base his/her reflections; little evidence of class attendance/reading; frequently off topic.    Relevant literature is referred to but more engagement with the content (readings/lecture materials) was necessary.    Student has integrated relevant literature/content into reflections reasonably well, but there is room for improvement.    The journal contains relevant content which is presented in a logical fashion and demonstrates high levels of engagement.     Uses novel but relevant sources and/or distinguishes between the quality of the literature.  High level of engagement with unit content.
Conceptual understanding

Student does not appear to understand key concepts/theories.  Frequent errors.    Student has demonstrated a basic understanding of key concepts/theories.  Some minor errors or inaccuracies.    Student has demonstrated they have a satisfactory understanding of key concepts/theories.
Student has a good understanding of key concepts/theories and has made some attempt to demonstrate the relationship between them (though this may be done inconsistently).    Student has a strong understanding of key concepts/theories and is able to discuss the relationship between them
Written Expression
Work is poorly written.  Frequent spelling/grammatical errors.  Overall meaning is not clear and/or work is poorly organised.
Meaning is mostly clear but some spelling and/or grammatical errors and/or problems with structure.      Work is reasonably well written, though some improvements could be made.    Work is well written with only very minor spelling/grammatical errors.  Very good organisation of material.    Work is extremely well-written.  Good use of language and outstanding organisation.
Reflexivity/Critical thinking
No sign of critical thinking.  Reflections overly reliant on lecture material or mostly anecdotal.    Work is largely descriptive (i.e. simple restatement of the sources with little or no evidence of independent thinking or critical evaluation).    Student has made some attempt at critical analysis and to apply theories/concepts to real world examples.
Student has made a clear attempt at critical thinking and/or independent thought.  Shows heightened reflexivity and capacity to apply theories/concepts.
High levels of reflexivity, originality and/or creativity. High-levels of critical analysis or engagement with the literature. Student has excelled in applying theories/concepts to empirical examples.

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