• Answers are to be in essay format.

• Answers are to be in essay format. That is, they are to have a brief introduction, be written in paragraphs addressing each element of the question and have a brief conclusion. (In relation to the introduction and conclusion ‘brief’ means approximately 4-5 sentences)
• Referencing is to be strictly APA6.
• You may have either a reference list for each answer, or one reference list covering both answers.
• Your take home exam responses MUST be in one document, the first page of which is to be a title page containing: the assessment task title (ie. ‘Take Home Exam’), your name and student number, the course name and course code, your tutor’s name and details of your enrolled tutorial (if you are attending a tutorial other than that for which you are enrolled you must provide the details of the tutorial in which you are officially enrolled), and the due date.
• Presentation guidelines provide that: each page is to be numbered, 11pt font size, font is to be either Arial or New Times Roman, line spacing is to be either double or 1.5, margins are to be 2.54 cm (‘normal’ setting in Microsoft Word), reference list is to be commenced on a new page which is headed ‘References’.
• As a general guide you should have a minimum of 5 references. It is possible to pass this assessment item utilising only the required and recommended course readings. However, students who go outside of those readings by including other appropriate academic sources will be rewarded.
Questions to be Answer:
Any two of the following:
1. Is the nature of crime in our society accurately presented in the media?
2. Is the majority of crime in our society violent in nature?
3. Are those members of our society who are the most fearful of crime also the most likely to become the victims of crime?

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