Symbolism comparison prompt

Symbolism comparison prompt


For this assignment, you will analyze and compare symbols used in a short story and the fairytale you read for Module 2. First, choose one of the following symbolism categories: actions, objects, characters, settings, words. Then, write ONE essay that shows how a symbol(s) functions in “The Lottery” and compare/contrast the use of that symbol(s) in the fairytale you read.

Use block organization method (see example above) to write the essay. This means that the first part of your essay should discuss “The Christmas Memory,” and the second part of the essay should compare the fairytale.

The final draft must be a minimum of 3-5 full pages of text plus a Works Cited page. Your essay must follow current MLA guidelines for format and documentation. Use the following guidelines to write your essay.

Include a strong, clearly stated thesis sentence at the end of your introductory paragraph.
Example: Truman Capote uses everyday objects to represent innocence, joy, and love.
Use the reasons listed in your thesis statement as topic sentences for your body paragraphs.
Example: In one part of the story, Capote uses paper to represent innocence.
Support your ideas with details and examples from the text(s).
You must include at least three examples from each source. Do NOT RETELL the stories or just summarize the plot of the story.
Include at least 1 direct quote from “The Christmas Memory.”
Be sure to explain how the symbol functions in “The Christmas Memory,” and tell what the symbol reveals about the characters or themes of the work as a whole.
Submit a copy of your rough draft by the due date.
JOURNAL assignment: “P3 Revising Checklist Answers” answer the questions for P3 in a journal entry by the due date.
After revising, submit a copy of the final draft with the filename Lastname_P3final (example: Hutson_P3final) in BB by the due date.

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