Current Dominant Trends in Automotive Design Engineering

Current Dominant Trends in Automotive Design Engineering

Title of Case Study #3:
“The Current Dominant Trends in Automotive
Design Engineering Related to the Development of
Driverless (self-driving) Motor Vehicles”

Assigned October 10, 2015

Due:November 4, 2015

(The full CS #3 related required paperwork submission is due in the beginning of the class.)

Hint: Please perform a literature/web search to acquire relevant technical information and provide a thorough overview and your interpretation of the research and design efforts various carmakers are currently focusing on with respect to developing driverless
(self-driving) motor vehicles

The 5 levels of automation
Level 0:
No automated functions
Level 1:
Driver assistance functions such as ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
Level 2:
Driver assistance systems that control speed (acceleration, breaking) and steering
Level 3:
Full automation in certain situation without driver control, but with driver intervention if necessary
Level 4:
Full automation in certain situation without driver control or intervention
Level 5:
Full driverless automation

Recent Example:
Mercedes – Benz Future Truck  2025
? When the “Highway Pilot”  is activated, driving  becomes a secondary task for the  trucker. ? The  tractor and trailer brake and accelerate  with precision, riding in the middle of the right – hand lane in flowing traffic.
? Though  the driver is seated behind the wheel,  he is staring at a tablet computer, planning his  next trip and then checking the condition of the  freight stored on smart pallets in the  semitrailer.
? The  truck automatically pulls into the left – hand  lane to allow sufficient room to pass a car  broken down on the side of the road.  ? The  truck and trailer then pull over to the right  a little to allow room for an emergency vehicle  approaching from the rear, which announced  its presence by exchanging data with the truck.

***This assignment is group work assignment. My part of this assignment is that I have to write about BMW Company. Basically, I have to include what level of automation it is level1,2,3,4 or 5 and explain why. Also, when did this technology get passed for BMW. And also explain how the technology works. And then just write other interesting information about it. Please if you could write the reference IEEE style that would be better. if not, just write it in APA style. please provide one picture.

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