Civil Law

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It should be a developed briefing paper as later I will be adding the points to my presentation. The topic is about ”Freedom of expression in Swedish Legal system”. Moreover, in order to make it an outstanding briefing paper it is important to:
1) Knowledge and understanding of the relevant law and its sources, consideration of law’s broader context; articulate and creative delivery of material in presentation format, in clear and jargon-free language, with appropriate use of audio-visual aids;
2) Analysis of the relevant issues and arguments in the area, identifying and evaluating competing perspectives whilst showing an awareness of present fay topical issues and new concepts.
3) An outline of the presentation and a bibliography demonstrating a basic knowledge of the sources of law and of legal authorities;
4) Presentation of knowledge or of an argument orally in a way which is comprehensive to others.

Assessment criteria:
-Comprehension and analysis of the assessment task(s)
-Breath of knowledge of the relevant law and legal system
-Evidence of articulate, reflective and convincing analysis rather than description
-Adoption of a well planned and coherent structure
-Evidence of research
-Use of appropriate academic conventions and apparatus, including visual aids
-Some independence or originality in approach
-Communication in clear, fluent and good English

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