Order DescriptionIn 2000, the beginning of a new century, and indeed new millennium, provided an opportunity for flection about the state of the world and the future prospects of mankind. There is a growing concern at the impact that the globalising economy is having on cultural diversity. One aspect of this relates to the globalisation of consumer culture and media, and the tendency to create a homogenized culture of global brands, icons, values and cultural phenomena.
Chanel have both seized this opportunity to showcase themselves as both reflective in luxury product design, and innovative in branding strategies for such cultural campaigning.
Produce written responses to the two tasks below, which are centred on Chanel the luxury fashion sector CASE-STUDY:

1. Explain the term brand DNA. Using models, theory and both secondary and primary research analyse how Chanel has leveraged its product design and marketing over the years to create its current brand identity.

2. Undertake a Pestel of the luxury good sector and analyse the issues of globalisation and cultural diversity, which you can argue Chanel should respond to in its future strategy. You are expected to apply the model and draw your recommendations from that.

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