business and government in global context

business and government in global context

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There is considerable debate as to where power resides and whether governments, citizens or corporations are the most powerful. Drawing upon the course academic resources, and your research, evaluate how power relations between government, citizens, and corporations have changed in recent decades.

Assessment Criteria for Assessment

The reports will be assessed on you:
Demonstrating sound academic research based purely on quality literature in the field.
Exhibiting a developed and enhanced understanding of the complexities of aspects related to globalisation and its impact on societies.
Presenting a cultivated and advanced understanding of the independent, interdependent and dependant roles of government and business.
Displaying developed skills in critical thinking and synthesising academic literature within their report writing on current issues relating to “business and government in a global context.”
Demonstrating in-depth learning and understanding concerning the stakeholders in the global context which include an array of businesses ranging in size from one-person proprietorships to corporate giants, government and non-government organisations.
Exhibiting a capacity to analyse and evaluate current issues in the global context and propose ways that these issues may be managed to reduce risks to global societies.
Showing capabilities in terms of communication and report writing and presentation skills.
Demonstrating developed skills in research and analysis based on literature reviews using appropriate referencing conventions and the quality of the references used.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary i
Introduction 1
Discussion 1
Conclusion 7
References 8

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