A concise 5 minute presentation

Undertake research using credible and authoritative academic and non-academic sources, and b) prepare a concise 5 minute presentation in which you:

1) Describe your chosen employer including: what they are best known for, how they describe themselves, which markets/audiences they target, what their business model is;
2) Describe the scope and duties involved in your chosen role; and finally
3) Explain why you want to work for them in the role you have chosen (note – please emphase what you can OFFER your prospective employer).
You have NO MORE than 5 minutes to present, so you should prepare no more than 4-5 powerpoint slides. Pitching is a key professional skill in media industries. Consequently, you will be STRICTLY timed – your lecturer will sound a bell at 5 minutes and you MUST stop speaking.
What do I need to include in my documentation?
Your 500 word documentation must provide clear, credible and authoritative evidence to support all the key elements of your presentation, with the addition of a complete reference list. You can write a miniessay, or write in the style of a blog post or podcast, a feature article or job application. Whichever style you choose, you must clearly reference your work, using the Harvard or APA in-text referencing system.
Your reference list is NOT included in your word count.
DO NOT include illustrations or powerpoint slides in your documentation.
Your 500 word documentation must be submitted by MIDDAY on the day of your assigned presentation. If you are absent on the day of your assigned presentation, but you have submitted your 500 word summary as required, you may present your powerpoint in class the following week without penalty.
If you DO NOT submit your summary by MIDDAY on the day you are scheduled to present, late penalties of 5% per day will apply until the summary is submitted (unless you have been approved for Special Consideration).

You will be assessed according to the following criteria:
– Ability to undertake research using credible and authoritative academic and non-academic sources.
– Ability to present the required information (outlined above) clearly and concisely, in no more than 5
minutes (spoken presentation), and 500 words (written documentation).
– Ability to appropriately and ethically cite academic and non-academic sources.
This assessment requires you to prepare and document a concise presentation on your ‘dream’ role at your ideal media employer. You may choose, for example, to work as a journalist or an event manager for The Sydney Morning Herald; or a social media manager promoting Adidas sportwear in China. You can choose a job/role you are already very familiar with, or explore something very ambitious if you like – the sky is the limit.

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